I'm a husband and a father and it's a work in progress. 
I'm also a businessman by trade but I'll always be a student by heart. 
I love to learn but I'm incapable of committing to something I myself do not wholeheartedly believe in. 

I have a passion for asking questions and problem solving and that seems to make people feel comfortable sharing with me about their products,  services or finances - I must have a trustworthy face!  I revel in knowing that I can help people think, grow, feel, move and shake - and on some occasions cry.  :)

During my years running senior care homes and restaurants I've become a communications practitioner and storyteller. I’ve been blessed to have had the privilege of working in several communications roles including foods service, corporate,  consumer and trade (advertising and HR).  I've also worked on the front lines doing and having fun with great people. 

The Globe and Mail did a lovely job writing up a piece on me and couple of fellow entrepreneurs 'How young entrepreneurs make a difference'

(I can't believe that was over - cough cough - ten years ago!)

My specialties include adding a personal touch to customer service,  managing great people so they feel like a partners not employees,  setting goals and surpassing them,  social media,  being a solid spokesperson,  coaching,  keeping my cool under pressure and being someone you can rely on when you're on a tight deadline. 

I currently reside in Lethbridge, AB with my wife Heidi, young children Rosario, Brahm and Esaias and a giant schnauzer Kya. We love to learn, run, jump, play and on occasion eat great tuna poke. 

Let’s talk. I’d love to discuss business opportunities, life and motorcycles!


EM:  iamdaviddsilva@gmail.com 
PH: (639) 571-7157
Twitter: @dso2004