Will We Hate Our Jobs?

Alan Watts, a British-born philosopher, marked me by sharing on doing what you love during your life and not settling for anything just because there's a pay cheque attached. 

This great 03:05 video that caused me to think of my young children. 


He says at one point, 'If you say getting the money is the most important thing, you will spend your life completely wasting you time. You will be doing things you don't like doing, in order to go on living - that is to go on living doing things you don't like doing! Which is stupid.'

I want my children to do what they love. My goal, therefore, is to draw out of them what they love. 

But wait, what they'll love will be directly influenced by me. 


So, after reading an article by Jeffrey Strickland, I made some notes on whether I am to be an Unfluencer or not, and decided that if I'm going to Influence, I want to Unfluence. 

I wrote this as a commitment to serve their best interests; 

To be or not to be an Unfluencer...

I enjoy taking the time to read and reflect on some LinkedIn posts. I do not know exactly why I choose to review some and not others but it likely has to do with Robert Wright's "Primacy Effect". (Thank you Robert, I'm learning!http://tinyurl.com/owo47fn)

I do it for a number of reasons; to learn, grow, develop myself, to pass the time I am afforded but most of all to lead. I feel as if I am responsible for the limited amount of time and energy I have. As I go through articles, my natural inclination is to expand on them and to add to it my own introspections and then rewrite it for personal reflection. I then reread it periodically as a means of sealing it in my mind. Then it comes out in my interactions with those around me, primarily my wife and children. 

At present, I read voraciously and post the odd quote or article that is relevant to me and my journey. I feel like an infant, quietly observing and soaking in all the information available, only to emit their first word in years to come. Hopefully, as the metaphor would likely move toward, I will not be writing nonstop asking repeated questions at an annoyingly fast pace with no regard to the listeners! Ha. 

I appear to be self absorbed in my pursuit for knowledge and gaining wisdom yet benevolent in my desire to have my children to do what they love. 

In the mean time, I will share with others, I'll happily reply to all decent comments to the best of my ability and by example build up and encourage others to follow suit.

I will shares the posts of other Unfluencers that mark me regardless of a different opinion, as long as I deemed it reasonable (yup, I said it - judge and jury!). :) 

My areas of experience are in life and heart matters. I like that I can't say I'm an expert. I'm comfortable with that. But that assertion will keep me driven to pursue health and my children will be the principal beneficiaries. 

Respect, integrity, and etiquette goes a long way for me, but I sometimes find my lack of respect for others coming out similar to disrespect which is an issue that needs remedying. 

My son recently used an expletive that shocked me in it's aping of his father! 

I'm going to do what I love for those that I love for love's sake. 

Here, here, to the provision of rich content that will help others as Influencers with Unfluencer qualities... 


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