The Tragically Hip's most final of big rock finales, and what you can take away from it

Promo image for The Tragically Hip's latest, and likely last, album, from

Promo image for The Tragically Hip's latest, and likely last, album, from

Canadian music icons The Tragically Hip just released their new album.
I had no idea they were planning this, on top of their touring commitment.

If you’re in Canada, you’ve likely heard the news that frontman Gord Downie was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Since announcing this publicly in May 2016, the group quickly set out on a tour ending in their hometown of Kingston, Ontario, committing to rocking on instead of fading out. Plus they released an album of new music.

What you’d die doing

To me, The Tragically Hip are living out their life purpose. Fully. Completely.

They live to make music and perform it, and it shows in our country with how ubiquitous their music has been for many of us who appreciate good music.

It’s an interesting and likely not-to-be-repeated case-in-point. So often we ask ourselves what we’re born to do, and The Hip are flipping it around by taking the creation and performance of their rock to Gord Downie’s grave.

This is a farewell tour in the truest sense.

The creation of art often has no other end than to create more of it, to have it speak to its time more effectively, and that creative artist spirit only dies when the artist dies.

Gord Downie’s time with us was bound to feel like it was too short.
In facing a cancer death sentence with courage and drive, Downie continues to inspire us in giving his life to sharing his music and lyrics, to the bittersweet end.
So what would you die doing?

I firmly believe that every life is story within story within story.
So consider this post a teaser for my attempt to wrap a story around Gord Downie's story of a life's significance.

Later this week, I’ll explore the other tragedy of The Tragically Hip story, and what I consider a measure of market correction.
It involves a way for you to get a pair of tickets for #TheHip’s August 3 Calgary show.
You could witness this piece of Canadian history firsthand.

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