Tragically sold out: #ThinkingThru a ticket giveaway

An all-too-common Ticketmaster .  ca   sight  for seekers of Tragically Hip tour tickets this summer.

An all-too-common sight for seekers of Tragically Hip tour tickets this summer.

Without further ado, please tell me your story.

The entry form for two (2) 200-level tickets to the sold-out Calgary AB Tragically Hip show (August 3) is below. You’re welcome to enter from anywhere in the world, as long as you can be in Calgary for this show. Ball’s in your court.

Name *
Cell or Primary Phone
Cell or Primary Phone

Recap: here in Canada, our hearts go out for iconic Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie’s terminal brain cancer diagnosis. Defying many expectations, the band released a new album and is doing one last tour that they’d like to be their best ever. You can read my initial reflections here.

Tragedy upon tragedy

Gord Downie’s terminal cancer news broke my heart.
Their tour announcement warmed my heart.
Shortly after tickets became available on presale, the news broke that the show was next to impossible to get into, which is understandable considering simple supply and demand for a band that has consistently rocked this country for upwards of 30 years.
What’s less understandable is how scalpers and ticket upsellers were selling tickets at an extreme mark-up (in the neighbourhood of $600) mere minutes after PRESALE tickets were released.
And my heart broke again.

I found a way to get a pair through the Amex presale.
They’re two 200-level tickets for when the tour hits closest to me, the Calgary show on August 3.

To win them, in addition to the usual suspects (name and email), what we’d like is your story.

Think of it as an elevator pitch.
Imagine you stepped into my office or happened to get me on the phone.
You have a minute or two to plead your case.
Why would you like to see The Hip?

I’m doing it this way because I love stories.
Life plays out as stories upon stories upon stories.
Downie’s cancer story spawned perhaps the most of ultimate tours, ever, which created a story of ticket controversy.
Me giving away two tickets is a small way to play a role in this story that's captured our country's minds and hearts. It's a way to address the business/work/life principle of scarcity (which I'd love to blog about in future, if you'd like) by making one pair of tickets a whole lot less scarce.

The story-ness of life is such a constant yet constantly amazes me.
These lessons learned have kept me going in business, marriage and parenthood, through huge highs and lows.

This is also a sort of soft launch for my new endeavour called ThinkingThru. I really look forward to telling you more of that story in coming months!

So please leave a Comment here if you're moved by the big and little stories here on life, death, Downie, The Tragically Hip, tickets, scarcity or anything else you're thinking through. I'd love to hear from you (and honestly, if any of your comment moves me, I'd find a way to get you the tickets).

Thanks again for reading!